What is Sailor’s Beat ?

Sailor’s Beat is a Blog Website that allows you to discover handpicked music playlists. You are able to search in different categories which helps you find the right music playlist for the right moment, the right mood, the right weather and so on.

How many Playlists are there ?

Currently there are around 80 different playlists with a rising tendency

Do I really need to download the Spotify Application?

Yes, unless you are satisfied with only listening to a songs preview. Spotify does unfortunately not yet allow us to listen to the full song when it is embedded.

Why does Sailor’s Beat not work with Soundcloud or Youtube then?

Currently Sailor’s Beat only works with Spotify due to the fact that it is the most elaborated streaming service with the biggest selection of quality music. Furthermore, embedding Spotify brings two major advantages over other streaming services.

  1. You can chose the shuffle mode, which is essential when listening to big playlists.
  2. If you have a Spotify Pro Account, you will not have to listen to any annoying adds.

Only two advantages and that’s it?

Well, in case you use the original Spotify application from time to time, you can follow and unfollow the Sailor’s Beat Spotify playlists of your choice on this website. The Playlists will then be integrated into your Spotify Application and you will have them saved into your account.

Can I suggests Songs or Playlists to Sailor’s Beat?

Yes, of course. We are very happy and keen to find new music, such as you are. You can always send track recommendations and discoveries to info@sailorsbeat.com

I can’t see any playlists on the Page, what now?

Please try to update your web browser.